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3 Best Things about online recruitment 

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So, the 3 best reasons to start online recruitment business in 2020 is 
according to Kevin are as follows:

1. Freedom of time, place and industry!
2. V. Easy business model
3. Decent, quite good and even huge money.

Below I develop what I mean.
Okay, so Let's focus on:

1. freedom of time, place and industry.
When it comes to place, you can work from anywhere in the world. Even without or without a client in the country where you live; Example: You live in Spain and you have a company in Poland and customers in the Netherlands.
The second example you live in Thailand and you have customers in the Netherlands.
And the third example you live: in Germany; you have a company in Poland and you have clients in Switzerland...
also, such combinations that I will express myself in the recruitment of temporary employees, i.e. help for employment agencies in finding candidates, there is a lot, and depending on your experience, place of residence, and possible place where you want to live, you can decide for yourself What will it look like and how it will work your company will be Online Recruitment, and as the name suggests you do online recruitment, that is, you help companies recruit employees, and for them, you do it 100% online.
Of course, when it comes to time Well, you know online recruiter works on his own, so you agree with the client certain rules of the game while no one stands above you with the watch, and does not set you hours of work and that means that on the one hand, it is very cool because when you need to take time off, you just take it, and on the other hand You have to be careful and watch yourself, work out your way of work, but in my opinion, it is a much bigger plus for people who want to have control over their lives.
When it comes to the freedom of the industry, it looks like you find a client in an industry that you like and in which you have experience. If you want to be successful quickly, even if you don't quite like it somewhere, it is just to learn to recruit, and over time you can jump to recruitment in industries that are much better paid much more paid maybe a little more advanced while you can earn much more money.
2. Another advantage or advantage of working as an online recruiter is that the form of doing business is very simple, usually, it is a sole proprietorship (JDG) with a simple option to settle accounts with the tax office. This means that only when you start your adventure you do not need to open companies and other miracles that are pretty cool but not needed at the beginning of your adventure. Also, you do not employ your candidates (as is the case with, for example, an employment agency), which is why you are leaving a huge obligation and responsibility for your employees; because these obligations rest with your client (e.g. employment agency or other company).
Of course, you can do all kinds of administration and finances at home via the Internet .. you can also use the help of virtual assistants and assistants for whom online work at home via the Internet or as additional work via the Internet is your daily bread And of course, recruitment online is a legal job over the internet and as I said it is very simple.
3. Online Recruiter is decent or very good earnings. I am referring here to earnings in the order of peacefully equal to any full-time job both in Poland and abroad (depending on the experience industry's commitment). And if we are talking here about recruitment at a higher level, we are talking here about earnings on the order of a few or several times that then you can earn a full-time job. Of course, when you are recruiting on your own business, you have the option of deducting many costs for doing business, such as the costs of the Internet, telephones, travel, car, fuel, educational materials, computer, laptop, training, employees; what you can't do while working normally
As for earnings, it is worth mentioning that you receive remuneration as an online recruiter from your clients, and the most popular business model is remuneration for each hour of your candidate's work for a minimum period of half a year, even to an indefinite period in which your client (if your candidate I still work) it's your client who pays you the money.
Recruitment of temporary employees in logistics, production, technology means earnings of €0.20 - €1.50 for a worked hour of a candidate from 6 months to even unlimited - an example of customers in the Netherlands.
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 Some call it passive income, and I call it deferred income and increasing income, because of every month by adding more people to your pool of employees your salary increases it is, therefore, a very good way for the first online business and profitable online business
I would add here one more for good luck: and that is:

It's very cheap to get in. 

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